WP1. Management and coordination

  • Project Management
  • Organization of five 6-monthly project meetings
  • Consultative development and monitoring of project implementation plan
  • Development and implementation of a project communication and information plan
  • Development of progress and final reports
  • Financial Management

WP2. Area characterization and participatory planning for restoration

  • Collection and review of relevant documentation and datasets
  • Biodiversity analysis (plant, bird species, habitats) through field inventories and vegetation studies
  • GIS data, land use maps, geological maps, vegetation maps and habitat maps
  • Diacronic analysis of landscape changes.
  • Landscape connectivity analysis.
  • Stakeholder sensitization workshops to promote local participation
  • Land abandonment and ownership assessment in relation to restoration
  •  Participatory planning of habitat and connectivity restoration actions

WP3. Characterization, collection and propagation of Mediterranean plant germplasm

  • Map and field identification of target species populations and local knowledge collection
  • Genetic diversity assessment of Quercus ilex in MT remnant copses
  • Morphological and molecular characterization of varieties of carob
  • Germplasm collection, propagation and procurement of native Mediterranean plant species

WP4. Improved protected area management and pilot habitat restoration

  • Evaluate management effectiveness of selected protected areas
  • Implement relevant pilot ecological restoration actions in natural marshes of SE Sicily
  • Pilot assisted vegetation succession at Gozo Experimental Farm
  • Participatory implementation of connectivity actions with volunteer Gozo farmers on private and government land
  • Land owner / user perception surveys of constraints and opportunities in landscape restoration

WP5. Dialogue for integrated planning and policy

  • Analysis of current planning and policy mechanisms and provide recommendations
  • Develop improved landscape management guidelines for decision makers
  • Specialist stakeholder involvement workshops on landscape connectivity restoration and sustainable use of environmental resources
  • Transboundary information and harmonization workshops for decision-makers

WP6. Communication and publicity

  • Development of website
  • Develop information field visit programs for targeted groups
  • Publication and presentation of project workshop proceedings, technical and scientific papers and popular press articles
  • Development and diffusion of information posters, brochures and fact sheets and a video, as well as local media events (newspaper, radio, local TVs)

This project is part-financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Co-financing rate: 85% Eu Funds; 15% National Funds.

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